Monday, July 30, 2007

Disappointing Dell Dental Drugs

EEEP! My Dell box arrived around 5:00 p.m. Only one box. Not the good box. It was just the printer. The guy said the other one will probably come tomorrow. Interesting. The FedEx site says it arrived in Lenexa, Kansas at 2:20 this afternoon. We'll see what develops. I hate sitting home waiting on a new computer.

My mom came out to play with sweet #2 son, who is not her favorite. She hates it when I say that. I went to town to pick up HH's new toy. The Post Office smelled like a dead mouse. Note To Selves, Posties: Glade Plug-Ins. The clerk who finally came out front after I repaired the bell dinger thingy and rung it asked me if I was HH's mother. Excuuuuse me? I'm hoping she meant The Veteran, who shares HH's name and neglects to put the 'Jr.' on it quite often, and has his mail sent to our address. After all that trouble, HH threw a knife at me tonight. "Here. Look at this!" Yeah. That's why he orders them, so he can throw them at me and say he was 'just showing' them to me. I've half a mind not to inhale dead mouse essence for him next time.

I spent an hour on the phone getting dental appointments for myself and the boys. #1 son needs braces. He can't get in until Sept. 19 after school. #2 son needs a check-up and maybe a filling. He is having none of it. He goes on Wednesday, so I'm getting him used to the idea. I'm hoping it's a baby tooth with the cavity, and it can wait to fall out. HH is having a hissy fit about it. This from a man who has fake teeth. It's one freakin' cavity. The first one either of the boys has had. Excuse me while I go knock on some wood.

My appointment is Thursday. I hate going to the dentist. I believe I've mentioned that before. I have to go to another town, where the children's dentist of the practice sees me, and have the nitrous, and take a pill 30 minutes before, and have the mepivacaine deadening agent instead of lidocaine like most other suckers. I hate it. But I broke off one of the 'temporary' fillings that he put on about...oh...maybe 3 years ago. Hey! I was going to get a crown, but the insurance refused to pay anything on it, saying it was not essential, even though the dentist said it was. Anyhoo...that was $800 bucks I didn't want to part with at the time. The insurance should pay half of everything, up to a limit. We'll see what they say now that they have to pay half of another temporary.

Sooo...all three of us go to a different dentist. And HH goes to an even different one. Go figure! I tried to get one closer, but the one I chose for #2 son does not use nitrous or mepivacaine, but will give me a valium for the night before and the morning of. I'm not so sure about that. Whoever thought Mrs. Hillbilly Mom would turn down the valium? I'll stick with my kiddie dentist who hasn't killed me yet.


Redneck. Diva. said...

Hey, you gotta go to the dentist where you're comfortable. I LOVE the kids' dentist and even though it's a pain in the arse to drive an hour and a half to Tulsa every month for headgear checks, it's so worth it because the kids are comfortable there and so am I. I'm not so comfortable with my dentist, but hey, she's free and I have no insurance, so I guess I'm comfortable with not having to pay, ya know?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I couldn't give up my sweet, sweet nitrous oxide, even for a free dentist.