Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BrokeToe Hitch-Hiking

My new Dell Inspiron 531 arrived today, with its 19 inch LCD monitor. The Dell Photo AIO 926 printer arrived yesterday. My personal technology assistant has it set up and running. He gave me Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook. I don't know where he scavenged all of them. Shh...he says it is a $231 value. Methinks he helped himself to some 'shareware'. As in, if you loan me something I'm going to see what you got, and help myself. Anyhoo... I am not on my new Dell right now, as I need to clean up my office area before he moves in. He sits, the desky with no name, unceremoniously upon an old kitchen table of HH's that we have in the basement. But I can use him if I want. All systems are go. So far, so good.

The #1 son claims that HH broke his left baby toe in Poolio a couple hours ago. The boy's toe, not HH's toe. It IS red and swollen. Now I have to listen to "Weeeee weeeee weeeee all around the Mansion. I told him to quit bellyachin' or we were going to the hospital for a shot of painkiller. He suddenly felt much better. I told him all they could do for it was tape it to the little piggy who had none. It's not like that baby toe is going to get a cast, because, well, not many people would be able to sign it, unless maybe they were all named Bob or Jim or Sue. I offered to make a sling out of a towel to elevate the painful baby toe, but he rejected that plan as well.

I am not sure how the 'accident' occurred. According to the boy: "We were going around the pool and #2 was looking for us. Dad swung me into the ladder because I was hitching a ride on him and his inner tube, and I hit my toe on a step." OK. Poolio is not that big. How could My Little Pony not find something as big as HH and as loud as #1? They must have been playing some kind of freakish hillbilly pool game. No Marco Polo for my family.

Mmmm....hmmmm. Hitch-hiking is all fun and games until somebody breaks a baby toe.


Mean Teacher said...

Baby toes were meant to be broken. Tell him he'll be lucky to still have both of them when he's 30. If he has both AND they both still have toenails, he'll really be ahead of the game.

Missing baby toe toenails are a common thing in my family, esp among the older generation. I'm hoping it's from farming accidents, and not because of one too few forks in the old family tree.

Mish said...

I hope it's just bruised. A friend of mine broke his toe once and he said it was one of the most painful things he's ever had to endure. *shudder*

Hillbilly Mom said...

Missing? Like, they disappeared, or they never even existed? I don't know which would be freakier.

Since he can walk, and the toe doesn't hurt when I tap on his ankle bone, I think it's just a sprain or strain. It is too swollen to put on his shoe. Maybe if he would untie the shoe instead of slipping it on, it would fit. Kids these days!

Redneck. Diva. said...

Ab broke her baby toe awhile back, remember? One black and blue foot and a few limps later, she was good as new. I've never figured out why baby toes were put stickin' out there on the side of our feet like that. It's like they're little hooks or something, just waiting to see what they can grab onto and then break.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, I remember. And now my son has a less-than-amazing technicolor childfoot that can not begin to rival your dear Abby's famous foot from the Branson vacation trip thingy. You'd think actually breaking the toe would yield a better color spectrum than an infectafoot thingy.