Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Does This Mean War?

I accept the blame for HH's other money-making scheme. I was not serious. I saw a billboard for a paintball area, and I said, "You can start a paintball field on that new land." Hey, it has field, and woods, and a creek, and it's only five miles from town. HH said, "That's not a bad idea. We could do it up on the boys' land. We'd have to get Buddy to doze some trails, and put in a couple loads of gravel for parking."

I didn't know he would get serious about it. All those kids talked about at school was paintball--what kind of guns they had, and who they hit, and how often they played. We could be talking about something entirely different, and they would bring it up. Like if one mentioned a pet, and said, "Do you have pets?" Then the next thing, after hearing that I let my dogs run because we live on a gravel road on 20 acres, they'd say, "Hey, can we play paintball there?" Umm...NO!

I mentioned this paintball idea in the LSUV, on the way home from looking at the rental houses. By the time we'd gone a couple miles, the plan included HH building a shack to take money. #1 son would run the place. He would have TV and computer in his shack, and sell paintball accessories. HH would build some little buildings and stuff for hiding behind. At first, he thought he would use the LandStealer land. But that has his new MiniMansion on it, and he didn't want it getting paint all over it. I didn't want it that close to the house, so they could come back and steal stuff.

I'm sure this is just one of HH's grand schemes, like his barber shop, brake & muffler shop, backyard copper mine, indoor basketball court, PVC pipe mailbox business, and old stuff museum. He's a regular Matt Roloff. Only taller. And not as motivated.


Damnyankee said...

Nah, this will be the one he sticks with. Men are nothing if not overgrown little boys.

Redneck. Diva. said...

HH sounds like my dad when we were growing up - he was always wanting to put a skating rink in whatever empty building went up for sale around the area. The old BFGoodrich tire plant, old supermarkets, barns...not sure why he had such a penchant for skating rinks. It never happened, though, because Mom was sane and would have no part in such skating schemes.

Mean Teacher said...

Actually, it kinda sounds cool. I want to come play!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Don't I know it. That was kind of like the advice my mother gave me on the day I got married. "Honey, they're all alike."

Shh...I don't want to give HH any NEW ideas.

Yeah. I'd shoot you any time. But you're not allowed to ride that old motorcycle we have down in the woods.

Just A Girl said...

My dad and I do the same thing, as a matter of fact in our dreams we own a skating rink, bowling alley, game room, sandwich shop, and a tattoo parlor.

I live next to a LARGE elementary school, next to the school is a cemetary, next to the cemetary is an open field, my dad's friend bought said field and plans to turn it into a paintball field within the year. I promised him that I am not responsible for any actual shotguns being aimed at crazy teenagers who forget that the school or my house isn't target practice.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Is that all under one roof? Because it sounds like a happenin' kind of redneck place. You might as well dream big, by cracky!