Sunday, July 1, 2007

Flaming Explosive Pirates

HH and the boys are out buying fireworks. They explode a few every night. Today they are getting a giant mulitpack thingy with a little bit of everything. I'm not so fond of fireworks. But every year, we set them off. And sometimes set the neighbor's field on fire, or shoot a live round under my mom's car, or drop a flaming plastic rocket remnant on my head. OK, last summer, we did all three in one night. I'm hoping for this year's display to be uneventful. After all, I'm Even Steven.

Last night, HH and the boys drove the Scout up the road to a neighbor's fireworks display. We figured he was having one, because out on the county road, we saw a sign saying, "Party" with an arrow. The closer we got to home, the more signs we saw. For a moment, I thought I might be having a party. Anyhoo, about 7:30 last night, the guy knocked on the front door (because the Mansion doorbell has been out of order for about 5 years), and said to come on up in about an hour. No, thank you. But the guys went.

The boys have been busy doing boyish things. #2 built a village across the entire floor of the living room. I was not aware of the extent of his construction. I had merely told him, "Since Gamey is broken, why don't you get out your Leggos or Lincoln Logs and build something?" He used to love doing this. He would make garages for his Hot Wheels, or train yards for his Thomas collection. Of course, he's 9 now, but I thought he might still enjoy the building part. Well, while I was downstairs, he got out the Leggos AND the Lincoln Logs, plus a two-foot-long pirate ship with many parts, a large wooden puzzle of a pirate ship, some giant generic Leggos that are called Mega Blocks, and a pirate treasure chest thingy full of stuff. I became curious when he kept screaming that #1 son was shooting the Nerf darts at his 'building', so I went to investigate. There was all manner of castles and ships and guard houses and outbuildings. Every time he put a figure along a parapet, #1 would sneak around the corner from his room and shoot it with a Nerf dart. Only the Nerf dart would take out half the building. Not nice, but certainly brotherly. Poor #2 son can't catch a break. He needs to be in protective custody. That boy certainly marches to his own drummer. But he needs to quit marching in my living room. Arrrgh! I let him leave it up for one day, but HH made him dismantle it last night.

I finally finished one book, and am trying to finish the Larry McMurtry 'Commanche Moon' by Tuesday. Not that I'm all motivated to improve myself. But because that's the due date at the library, and I'm afraid of the librarians. Hey, that only gives me about a day. I'd better get crackin', by cracky!


Stewed Hamm said...

Wehn you finish your book, let us all know what Commanche M-O-O-N spells, O-K?

Redneck. Diva. said...

Carnage and destruction by Nerf dart is obviously a boy thing. Those poor Polly Pockets just get to groovin' in their limousine and out of the blue, Nerf darts rain down upon them. I can't tell you how many My Little Ponies have met their demise because of Nerf darts and Lego bombs. Being a boy must be fun.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You'll be the first to know.

I am afraid MY Little Pony is going to meet his demise because of Nerf darts. He got hit in the eye on Saturday. Boys! They just won't listen when I say, "You'll put somebody's eye out!" I'm going to make them watch that Christmas Story movie. And threaten to buy them bunny jammies.