Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Brief Flurry Of Activity

Decisions, decisions. Monday, my new computer is supposed to arrive. Saturday, we got a note in the mailbox that we have a package to pick up at the Post Office. It is HH's new Case Knife Collector Truck. Hmm...should I hang around the Mansion and wait to sign for my new to town to pick up HH's truck? Such a dilemma!

I almost got carried away and started cleaning the house today. I peeled some potatoes and put them on to boil with a little garlic added to the water. I mushed up a meat loaf with my bare hands. I washed some dishes with the same bare hands (after a thorough scrubbing, of course). I reorganized the assorted batteries in a kitchen drawer and threw away a bunch of plastic battery packages. I cleaned out one shelf of the refrigerator. The dogs were ecstatic. #2 son said, "I bet this was the best day ever for our dogs!" Yeah. They thought it was raining meat. We toss that stuff off the back porch, and something always eats it by nightfall.

Tank the Beagle, mourning his loss of The Devil, ate his feelings in a display of gluttony. That hound will eat anything and everything. He probably ate The Devil, who has not been seen for several days now, and was last observed face down under a cedar tree beside HH's truck. I tossed out several packages of outdated, opened, ham and turkey sandwich meat, a leftover BBQ hot dog and hamburger, some 3-week-old bologna, three hardboiled eggs of undetermined origin, and tortillas with a May expiration date. The boy threw the tortillas first, sailing them like flying disks, (which are really no more than generic Frisbees). Tank ran around back and started to nibble on a tortilla. Then the meat deluge began. I tossed things in all directions, thinking the other stupid mutts would run around, and there might be a fight. Nope. They laid on the porch. I tried to drop some straight down for Snuggles, the long-haired calico cat who hates everybody but me. Tank was havin' none of that. He ran straight at her and took her meager strip of bologna. Never mind that he had already consumed a hamburger, hot dog, two packs of sandwich meat, and half a pack of bologna. And a few bites of tortilla. Grizzly and Ann came sidewinding up behind me, so I gave them equal portions of what I had left. Lazybones. They could have had a feast. Like Tank. After about 5 minutes, he dragged his last slice of ham away from the porch, and laid down to chew it like gum. His belly was nearly dragging the ground anyway.

After serving supper and rinsing even more dishes, I am exhausted. I may have to increase my activity level slightly before school starts.


Mean Teacher said...

After serving supper and rinsing even more dishes, I am exhausted. I may have to increase my activity level slightly before school starts.

When I was working in the delta, it wasn't unusual for me to walk in the front door after work, go directly to my bed, fall face down on the mattress, and wake up at 6 the following morning still wearing the same clothes I wore to work the previous day. But even though there were days like that, I think I felt healthier and more energetic overall when I was working hard than I did this past year when my life was almost entirely void of any responsibility. Four hours of house cleaning could put me on my butt. Now, after only a week or two of things gearing back up, I'm already starting to feel better. Workin's good for ya.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm always exhausted after the first week or two. Not so much from school, but from everything I have to keep up with at home at the same time. Though my feet DO always hurt from school.

The first year was my most exhausting from doing the actual school work. Then I learned that the world wouldn't end if my lessons were not perfect.

Redneck. Diva. said...

I got tired and had to take a nap after reading that post - that's how little activity I do these days. Working 4 hours, two days a week is nearly killing me. Aren't I pitiful?

Hillbilly Mom said...

That's 4 hours, two days a week more than I have been working, by cracky!