Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They Should Be Comedians

Here are some more examples of my students' wit from the first annual Favorite for a Day test, entitled "All About Mrs. Hillbilly Mom." I will be sharing only two questions/answers today. Here now! Stop that whimpering. Two is as good as a feast.

One time, I got really mad at my husband, and threw _________ at him. After it hit him, he waved it in my face and said, "......... ." (The correct answer-roll of toilet paper- "Did you throw this?")

notebook-"Are you happy now?"

my kids-"Ha ha ha. Now we don't have kids anymore."

a fork or spoon-"You throw like a girl."

a sock-"It didn't hurt."


book-"Good shot."


a phone-"Stop."

fist-"You're weak."

bullets-"I'm Superman!"

turtle-"Don't go there, Girlfriend!"

a kid-"You killed him."

a can good-"Ha ha. It's mine now."

rocks-"Nice try!"


stapler-"Why did you do that for?"

acid to burn his skin-"I will kill you."

frying pan-"Can I have some ice?"

a dog-"Wash the dog."

brush-"In your face."

a hairbrush-"Ha ha. That did not hurt."

sponge-"You throw like a girl."

an object-"How do you like those apples?"

a turtle-"HEY!"

At the family reunion, my husband bragged, "My boy is really smart. He...."

won the science fair.

almost has 100 % IQ.

got straight A's.

made his Wiimote work on his computer.

got bullied by a nerd.

knows a lot.

can breakdance.

can chew gum and walk at the same time.

is a geek.

fell and broke his arm.

knows stuff.

is smart.

got it all from me.

Tomorrow, I will share one test that was very, very different.


Stewed Hamm said...

I would pay good money to see HH say "Don't go there girlfriend!" Bonus points if he really gets into it, and stretches it out to sound like "grrrrrrrl-frennn."

I'd probably stick around for the dog-throwing contest, too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

If the money is REALLY good, I'll get HH to do that wonky neck thingy while he says it.

We throw no dog before it is clean.