Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of Course It's About ME

I am giving my students a test tomorrow. It is the long-awaited 'Favorite For A Day' test. It will reward the student in each class who has patiently indulged my boring stories from Day 1 until now. A prize package will be awarded to each winner. They are hyped up about it. I have been promoting the big event for three weeks now. You know, just in case those who tune me out in favor of carving 'Spike is gay' on the metal desk, or putting on make-up that would shame a trollop, wish to quiz me on personal specifics. The testees (heh, heh) will be rewarded with participation points and a piece of gum if they answer the test without being hurtful. A sense of humor is encouraged in case an answer escapes them. Let the best favorite win, I say.

The students who daily proclaim themselves to by my favorites are shaking in their thongs. Not buttless underwear thongs--the feet kind. I'm that old. Flip-flops used to be called thongs, people! Why use two words when you can use one? I'll back up that argument with 'manpurse' instead of 'European carryall'. Back to the regular favorites, who are nice kids who listen, but not necessarily good at storing facts and regurgitating them on tests. The kids who will see more success on this favorite test are likely the kind who will grow up to be stalkers.

I was a bit worried that the students who go to a resource room for test-taking would have an unfair advantage. Then I decided that while the teachers there may know personal information about me, they have not been held captive in my classroom to hear many of the stories to which my dear readers are also privy. Heh, heh. I said 'privy'. That's another word for 'outhouse' around here.

Unfortunately, I can't post the test for y'all to try your luck. Unless I change the names to preserve my status in the Blogger Protection Program.

This week will fly by.
Monday, we have the Favorite For A Day test.
Tuesday is the trip to the zoo incentive/finals day.
Wednesday, I will crown the favorites, award prizes, and show a movie.
Thursday is the awards assembly and not much else.
Friday is an early out and graduation.

The school year is almost over, you know!

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