Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marking Time

Only ONE more day of Wednesday morning parking lot duty. I must say, I am just marking my time until school is out. In years past, I was one of those teachers who worked the students until the next-to-last day. That was when I had bigger, badder classes. This year's freshman crop is not as unpleasant as some. I am able to do more activities without them drinking the ice water in an ice-melting exercise. As a reward for them not rattling my cage, I do not plan to rattle theirs. In fact, I'm giving a quiz on Monday to determine the Favorite For A Day. It will be a quiz all about ME and my rules. The highest score wins a modest prize package, the right to choose a movie from my selection for the class to view, name on the board as "Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's Favorite Student", and a trip to the drinking fountain and bathroom. Yeah. It's kind of like earning the right to WORK in prison, but it gives them bragging rights for a day.

Seven days of school left. I am ready to check in my textbooks. We can fill the days with more hands-on thingies, like the straw towers and egg drop contest. I might tear a page out of Mabel's book and dabble in those funky airplanes her students used today. Only I won't be graphing the results. Or WILL I? Perhaps I could use it for the test I have to give when the smarties are gone on Incentive Day. "Create a data table and a graph, using measurements from the 'funky plane' activity that we did last Thursday." Yeah. That's the ticket. That kind of thing was on the End of Course exam that my Biology kids had to take. Not planes. Different biological experiments. Every kid had a different one. This is the new BIG DEAL in Missouri instead of MAP testing. End of Course testing. We'll see how that flies. Anyhoo, getting back to my theft of Mabel's ideas...if I really wanted to get fancy, I could make my kids measure approximately how far the plane flew by walking off the tiles at right angles, and calculating the hypotenuse for the distance. This could get really involved. Thanks for the idea, Mabel. I will put my own special touch on it and use it next year for an activity over several days. First, we will have to do research on Bernoulli's Principle, and find out why planes fly.

Sigh. The school year is almost over, you know.


DPA said...

As a math teacher or former math teacher, I think you'll appreciate this.

Today during the math MCT, I noticed a kid making a mistake that only a 'tard could've made. A question had two diagrams of the same building-- one actual size, one model size. The actual size was something like 30' wide. The model size was, you know, 10" or something. I don't know what the question was, but it was asking them to decide how many times smaller the model was than the actual building. It had the measurements listed on the diagrams, of course. This kid had his ruler out, measuring the model on the page. After looking at it for about five minutes, he raised his hand and called me over. I leaned over to listen, and he said, "None of the answer choices are right. It's only 3/4 an inch. Look!"


I swear. There is some kind of disconnect in those kids' heads where they just can't understand what is being asked of them. It doesn't matter if it's reading or language or math. Can't put my finger on it--- an inability to think abstractly, maybe? I don't know.

I know what it amounts to though....


Hillbilly Mom said...

These are the people who will be clipping our toenails when we're in the nursing home. Heaven help us. But in their defense...

Some people get all nervousy about math. They are just mathtards. Redneck Diva knows. They just get a mental block about all things math.

Others get all nervousy about tests. They can't see the forest for the trees.

My problem is road directions. I have to write things down, and when I leave, I have to write them in backwards order so I don't get lost. Also, I got lost one time inside the Dillard's in Battlefield Mall in Springfield. It was a round floor plan, and there were these confounded mirrors for walls, and I get a headache just thinking about it again.

DPA said...

I am a mathtard, and probably would've gotten the answer wrong, but I wouldn't have gotten it wrong after trying to measure the print on the page. I know what you mean though.

We're not graced with a Dillard's, but there's a Belk's here that is set up like that, and I get lost in there sometimes.