Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 5/1/08

Hey! It's Thursday already!

Only 3 more Thursdays until school is out.

Did you know that Marilyn Manson had his two bottom ribs removed so he can give himself blow jobs? It must be true. That's the word amongst rural 9th graders.

If a girl brags to her 'friends' about giving blow jobs, saying such things as 'it's salty' and 'you bet I'm good' and 'it's worth way more than $5', should a teacher who overhears such talk discuss it with the counselor, or call her mother? Or is this invasion of privacy, because it was overheard, not a topic of conversation with the overhearer?

Same question with a girl who says she's not dating her boyfriend anymore because she is 15 and he is 20 and it is against the law.

Do they make something like a reverse hearing aid, a Tragic Ear instead of a Miracle Ear?

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom should soon receive a letter from the publishers of Who's Who Among High School Teacher Pranksters. Details of the latest prank tomorrow or on the weekend.

HH has another neighbor shooting at him. Can't we all just get along? Or at least sign a ceasefire? More about this story tomorrow or on the weekend.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom might start a second career writing cliffhangers.

Talk at the lunch table:
I used to see a goat in their front yard. Then the goat was gone, and they were BBQing every day. Meat is expensive. I wonder...
In some cultures, goats are considered delicious.
In some cultures, goats are considered sexy.

Due to the underwhelming nonplethora of comments in the last two days, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom gets the hint: her attempts at political humor are about as welcome as homework on a Friday afternoon.

Mabel is the queen of all cookie dough.

I think I hear the old people gambling bus crying for me. No. It is just me.

What are those Google graphic thingies yesterday and today? My students have guessed popsicles, maracas, paintbrushes, and Christmas tree ornaments. I'm holding out for dradles or metal tulips. We are so sheltered here in Hillmomba. Our community is so insular. Somebody help us. Please.


Melani said...

! was wondering about the google pictures too. of course, I live in Arkansas which everyone knows is just as "hillbilly".

the girl w/ the comments about bjs (see I can't even type it and I'm 32) makes me so sad....and scared about my kids becoming teenagers

good job with the cliffhangers--shootings and pranks?! can't wait to hear about them, unfortunately I'll have to wait until I get back from Branson (yet another Hillbilly place!) :)

LanternLight said...

should a teacher who overhears such talk discuss it with the counselor, or call her mother?

I thought the students thought the teacher was old... and you know what old people are like with their hearing.

Not you of course, the Coors Light Queen :-)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Of course it is the Arkansas hillbilly who tries to help our Hillmomban hillbillies. Are there no worldly people out there to explain the mighty Google to us simple folk?

Enjoy your trip to Branson, the Hillbilly Mecca. We used to go a couple times a year. I like the Dixie Stampede. HH and the boys like the go-karts and bumper boats. HH tries to take in a music show each time, but me, not so much. We have been staying at the Old Country Inn. Whatever that place with the world's largest fiddle is called. The boys like the indoor water park.

Long time no hear! Hope everything is OK with you. The kids overestimate my deafness. But just today, they got into a debate on my age. It ranged from a low of 24 to a high of 50. I wanted to play car salesman with them and split the difference.