Monday, May 5, 2008

Lazy Monday

We had our last faculty meeting after school today. On my way past the faculty workroom, I spied several of my cronies milling around. By several, I mean about half of our total faculty. I zipped in to see if we had changed the meeting place. Not really. I just didn't want to be in the library if everyone else was not. The principal was even out in the hall looking around when I stepped out.

The ParkingSpaceStealer is having a fundraising shindig on Saturday. She has been soliciting donations from the faculty. When she walked in, she greeted us by the name of what we had given. "Hello, Elliptical. Hey there, Power Wheels. Good to see you, Leg Brace." I was quick to point out that I had also donated 14 DVDs this morning. She said, "I know. I took 3 of them already." Then a couple of Smarty-Pantses across the room yelled, "What are they rated?" Good grief! Excuse me that they aren't Veggie Tales. I don't think PG13 is so bad. The ParkingSpaceStealer said, "I got to thinking...14 days of school left...14 DVDs...I wonder..."

When we got home, HH was out back by Poolio. He had driven his Scout around there. A grand distance of perhaps 50 feet. He had a big goldfish floating on top of the green-water fish pond. I couldn't get the straight story. The Pony said his dad told him it flipped out. HH said Tank the Beagle was eating it. Further questioning led me to believe that HH had dipped it up in the dip net and balanced it on top of the water while waiting for The Pony to get home and see it. Nobody said this in so many words, I just read between the lines. How could a Beagle fish out a tasty morsel when he's had a whole year to do so and hasn't? HH had whacked Tank with the dipper, and put the big fish back in the little pond. He floated on his side. Fishie, not HH. Two cats materialized out of nowhere to begin the deathwatch. Tank sidled up and was whacked again for his trouble. Don't tell PETA, OK?

The Pony was very concerned about Fishie. I told him it's just nature. If that fish wasn't smart enough to stay under water, he's going to get eaten, and he won't have any dumb fish babies that will get eaten when they grow up. HH wanted to toss Fishie out onto the grass and let the scavengers have a free-for-all. The Pony talked him into leaving Fishie in the pond, so he can 'get better and swim down under the waterfall.' Oh, well. HH gets up before The Pony.

Genius, the best of our cats, climbed up the side of the deck. I told The Pony that he wanted petting. That cat walked across the railing in front of The Pony, flicked The Pony's nose with his tail, and paraded on around the deck toward Poolio. "Looks like he remembers that time I put him in the pan of water," said Pony. So it seems.

14 days left. The school year is almost over, you know.

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