Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ziploc, Tick Caught

We had a little downpour at the Mansion last evening. #1 son captured this picture. It caught my eye, and now you can enjoy it, too. Maybe I can ship him off to that town that got free cameras. Maybe I can just ship him off anywhere, with no return address. Then the Mansion would be more peaceful. I believe that #2 son would even donate his allowance money for the postage. He has grown weary of being shoved in the pantry and having the door slammed shut. And of being the perpetual target of the Nerf dart gun. I can not provide 24-hour bodyguard service. It's not my nature. He will have to fend for himself.

We have done nothing today except trap a tick. It was not on the itinerary. There I was, minding my own business talking to Mabel on the phone, and #2 son shouted, "There's a tick crawling across the floor!" I told him I didn't think there would be a tick in the house. "Yes, there is. It was in my armpit, and I grabbed it and threw it down." So I told him to grab it and throw it outside. Mabel objected. "You need to save it in a Ziploc bag in case he gets sick." So I told him to get a Ziploc bag. "A what?" Yeah. We call it a baggie around these parts. Then he didn't want to touch it with is hand, even though he had just wrenched it from the tender flesh of his armpit, so he grabbed a Kleenx, which is what we call all tissues around here, even though they are actually Puffs With Aloe. We bagged the tick, and put it on top of the fake fireplace. Which we call HH's Folly. Though not really, because HH might take offense, what with hoping for a power outage at the first cloud in the sky, so he can use the new generator he bought last winter.

After chatting with Mabel for over and hour, I made the boys some lunch and called HH. He was on his way to North St. Louis, which is a detail I would have been just as happy not knowing. I told him not to throw away the tick baggie. He said, "Save it? I've never heard of that." Which just tells you that HH is not up on his current events. Then he said, "Well, the vet saves all the ticks she takes off the dogs, but she puts them all in one big jar of alcohol, and doesn't label them for each patient." I spoke slowly to explain. "Umm...they're dogs. I imagine she does it to see what type of dieases are being carried by the ticks. But if it's your child, wouldn't you want him treated for the right disease from the beginning?" HH agreed. M-O-O-N. That spells HH understand now. Ticks bad.

I hope tomorrow proves to be as fraught with excitement as today.
By cracky.


Redneck. Diva. said...

Call 1-800-BADMOM on me, but I don't save any ticks that come off the kids. Actually, Kady is the only one the ticks bite anyway. The other two obviously taste bad because I've gotten none off of them and about 20 off of KD. Poor thing. But I still don't save the nasty parasites in a Great Value Sandwich Bag - I figure there are blood tests they can do to figure out tick-caused disease. Right?

Mean Teacher said...

Ticks ARE bad. My sister got Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever when we were kids, and it dang near killed her. She was in the ICU for 10 days. We used to find them on ourselves all the time and didn't think much of it because we played out in the woods constantly. After she got sick, I became super paranoid about ticks. Benadryl doesn't cure everything, you know. :)

Just A Girl said...

I'd never heard of that either, but now I'll save every tick I see....even though I've never seen one before.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I have the juicy tick bait child myself. That kid gets 10 X the ticks the rest of us get.

Maybe they will jump right on the tick identification bandwagon at your fancy-schmancy Indian clinic, but around these parts, the doctor would be scratchin' his head, probably find a tick, send someone out to buy Ziploc bags, and, well, my boy might be all spotted up by then.

Say it ain't so about the Benadryl!

So sorry for your tick deprivation. But on the bright side (for ME ME ME), we don't have bugs as big as ponies around here.

Stewed Hamm said...

Benadryl not an effective cure-all? Perish the thought! Obviously Meanie doesn't have the extensive medical training that the rest of us do. Benadryl works just fine on tick bites - you just have to give it to the tick.

I've had more ticks on me that I'd care to remember (as if that doesn't describe most everyone...) and I've turned out fine, except for a slight case of Lime disease. (which differs from lyme disease in that now I like to eat things with limes in them, rather than the traditional memory loss and
neuromuscular problems)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Did you see the hidden item in the photo? I didn't point it out to anyone but you. Because I didn't see it until yesterday.

Yep. It's a big ol' turtle. Actually, it's a terrapin, which I know is a land version of a turtle, because I'm sciency like that, and I took my Benadryl like a good little girl when I was in my formative years.