Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Bookish Adventures of Hillbilly Mom

We made a trip to the library today. Great Googley Moogley! You'd think they were handing out free cheese or something. Most of the parking spots were full. That means there were about 9 assorted vehicles out front. And there was a waiting line when we went in, and when we left. #2 son wanted to return his two books, and get more. #1 son wanted to look up inventors and inventions. I was just looking for more free books that I paid $8 for last week. Never mind that I still have not finished my other two. Cerberus said we could check out 10 at once. And I just might. Because I can. And because Cerberus acts like they are her own personal property. OK. I know I am like that about my stuff at school. But that's different. That's MINE MINE MINE.

When we went in, there was a man at the counter. He was wearing cut-off jean shorts, some muscley-looking shirt, and white socks rolled down over brown suede work boots. The boots were clean. Methinks he was there to use the computer to surf some g@y pr0n. Perhaps that's a bit judgmental of me. I'm just going by the stereotypes I see on The Simpsons. Anyhoo...the Village Person was getting a library card made like we did last week. And d'ya know what? They gave him a temporary card. Which we were not even offered. Go figure! I might have been wrong about him, because he left without going to the computer room. They said they would let him know when whatever he wanted came in. And to look out for the woman in line behind him who ends sentences with prepositions.

#2 returned his books, and we got our laminated library cards that we bought last week. Now I KNOW they didn't give us our cards the last time we went. Because I could never throw away a laminated card. A new worker, perhaps a real live librarian, passed us on the steps. "I leave you for a couple of minutes, and you've got a crowd." Man, these librarians are a vicious group. We descended to the stacks. I started browsing in fiction at the Zs, and #2 found his two books right away. #1 went off and found one book on 20th century inventions such as the Jarvik heart. I got Salem Falls, by Jodi Picoult, and True Grit, by Charles Portis. That last one is because I just watched the movie again the other day, and it's been a loooong time since I read the book. The first one was because Oprah pimped one of her other books, and I think I liked it, and she's rather prolific, so I decided I was thirsty for more.

When we lined up to check out our books, there was a woman with THREE kids in front of us. She had to pay fines, and asked why it was so much, and was told that it was because her youngest spawn had been overdue with VIDEOTAPES, and they were $.25 per day late fee. Then the woman laughed and said, "Well, we like to support our library." And went on to ask if there were any writer's clubs in the area. Yeah. Right. We are lucky to have a library. Another worker came upstairs and opened the gates to the flight deck, and said, "Well, I know Mike Somebody used to go to one out at the Smorgasbord Restaurant, but I don't know if they have it anymore. I think he goes to 30-Mile Town now." The Scofflaw said, "My husband is a writer. Well, he has written 14 chapters. I guess you would say he's writing a novel. He was wanting someone to take a look at it." Worker said, "Let me make a note. I'll call Mike and see if he knows anything. You can check with me next time." Whew! Scofflaw & Co. got out of the way. While waiting, I had been browsing the used book shelves, and saw a book about writing. Any other time, I would have mentioned it to that Scofflaw, but today I was not in the mood to be the library pimp, and sell their $1.00 books for them. Anyway, that book had something about Christian writing on the cover, and that's just not my cup of tea, and that Scofflaw didn't look particularly Jesusy herself (not that there's anything wrong with that) so I just let it go. She can find it herself when she has to wait in line and wants to ignore her kids.

A woman had walked up to the side of the desk, but Controller ignored her. It was our turn, after all. Cerberus was working today, but in an assistant capacity. There was a young woman (under 50) who was at the controls. Dear, sweet Cerberus. How have you lived all these years and not learned that what goes around comes around? Remember how mean you were to that old lady working with you last week? Today, the Controller gave it right back to Cerberus. #2 son handed her his books and card. She shot them with the red-line gun thingy, and gave them back. I put my books down, and Controller wrote the date in the front, scanned my card...and said, "Do you still have the other books?" No. I'm a scofflaw. I put them on your shelf to sell for $1.00 apiece. But I really said, "Yes. Two. They're due on Tuesday." Cerberus shoved the books back at me. "Wait a minute! I'm not done!" Controller gave Cerberus a withering glare, and grabbed the books back and shot their spines. "Now. I'm done." Hee hee.

They were flustered because of the rush. It's not like we had ice cream melting while we waited in line. It's not like we left our kids in the car. I think they needed some Benadryl to calm them down.

Or perhaps, a life. Apiece.

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