Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Thought Thursday #2-08

Kids are really, really annoying.

It is probably not a good sign that when I rest my foot on a big black extension cord about an inch in diameter that runs under my desk, I feel it hum.

Meteorologists on TV are descended from the village people (not THOSE Village People) who told the Emperor how good he looked in his new clothes. If you believe them, you must be descended from the Emperor.

Hot & Sour Soup is quite refreshing on a frigid January evening.

Contrary to some theories, Mabel is neither hot, nor sour. Nor imaginary.

My #1 son is competing in the Hillmomba Idol Contest at school tomorrow night. One of his cronies asked him to sing a duet. They are doing some country song. According to #1, there are only 4 entries in his category. He only has to beat one other entry to win prize money. Since I gave him the entry fee, I told him I expect to get my money back if he wins. He disagrees. He seems to forget that I just bought him a new Lappy with my $1000 lottery winner. I don't think it's too much to ask for my $5 back if he wins prize money.

$47.75 is a lot for a half-tank of gas.

The copier AND server were working at school today. I marked my calendar.

I had a vivid dream about traveling to the state capital with NotACook to grill the governor on her teacher certification. I got all dressed up in a dress, but since my ride was leaving early, I didn't have time to get shoes. The governor's building was a bit WhoVille-ish. It was done in brightly-colored plastics. Instead of stairs, there were curved chrome rungs build into the walls. There were blind curves where you had to grab a rung by hand and swing around to the other side. None of the floors were level. They canted at about 45 degrees. On the way upstairs to see the governor, in an unlevel elevator, I snidely commented to NotACook, "You'd think that with all the money they spent on this palace, they could have gotten the floors level." And the only other lady in the elevator looked at me calmly and stated, "My son, the architect, says..." Whoopsie! I suppose that came up because NotACook has a habit of saying the wrong things to people. For example, she will ask somebody she hasn't seen in years, "How's your mom?" and they will say, "She died last week." Then there was the time she told that sophomore girl at the Halloween dance, who dressed as a pirate, "Oh, you even have the facial hair." And the girl turned and walked away, taking her real-life wispy mustache and chin hairs with her.

Winter needs to get a-wintering. I NEED SNOW!

Down in the mill pond swimmin' naked, showin' more than we shoulda showed; we were just kids explorin' nature, learnin' more than we shoulda knowed. Oh. Not ME! I'm listening to Dolly Parton singing 'Sugar Hill'. Don't worry. I'm not making you a mix CD.

This is ER night. I have to watch to see if Abby is hopping ON or OFF the wagon. That crazy alcoholic, with her bipolar mother who used to be a flying nun, and her bipolar brother who controls air traffic for the Air Force, and the absent father who looked her up in adulthood by coming to her hospital with a lung disease and giving a fake name! What a wacky character she is! I especially liked the time a teenage girl asked Abby if she was good at her job, and Abby replied, "I'm technically proficient...with certain attitude issues."

Which is probably written somewhere in my summative evaluation.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Kids ARE really annoying.
I read the rest, but the first one stuck with me. LOL.

Hillbilly Mom said...

There's a reason it was at the top of my list!

Redneck Diva said...

I need some snow, too. They keep taunting us with these Winter Weather Advisories, but we ain't gettin' bupkis! I'm getting hellacious ice storm before Christmas does not a winter make!

Hillbilly Mom said...

And here I was, blaming YOU for stealing our snow. Good to know that you ain't gettin' none either. Misery loves company, by cracky!