Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Thought Thursday #1-08

I find Thursdays OH SO LIBERATING!

Today's school lunch was vegatable soup and grilled cheese. The best lunch ever. Except that I think I hurt my eyes. Looking for the vegetables. I must compliment the chef on the grilled cheese, though. They were just crispy enough, almost dripping with oil, and just the right brownness.

I am going to start my own interactive stage show along the lines of 'Magique'. Except that I am not going to sit some guy on a straight-backed chair, take off his shirt, and draw a face on his belly. No. I am going to call MY show 'Critique'. I will ask for volunteers, and when a wife waves her hand wildly and shouts, "Take my husband! Please!" I will bring him to the stage and sit him down in a La-Z-Boy and make sure he's comfortable, give him a beer, turn on a TV with football, or NASCAR, or one of those 'How to murder your wife' shows on Tru TV, and then I will get down to the real business. Criticizing him. I'm sure I can think of something.

Mabel is addicted to my Chex mix. I fear that we might need to stage an intervention. Mabel, if you are reading this, I am only joking. If anybody asks you to go to a motel room, followed by a camera crew, just to talk about how delicious my Chex mix really is, it is because they are doing a segment for the Food Network.

Saturday, I am riding the old people's bus to the casino to gamble for 4 hours. My aunt talked me into it. She had to twist my arm. I have packed up my free cash coupons that came in the mail, and put my nest egg in order. Now all I have to do is find a book to take along for the ride. Oh. And arrange childcare from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 noon. Because then HH will be home to revel in the amazing eccentricities of his offspring. I foresee an excursion down into the woods to sit under the mighty deer head in the MiniMansion.

HH is getting a buttload of free wood from work. Actually, it's a truckload, and it isn't costs him $0.25. But that's beside the point. I asked what he planned to do with it, build on a bathroom? HH scoffed, "I already HAVE a bathroom." Yes. The claustrophobic outhouse. Now he says he might build a bigger one, and use that one for a tool shed. Duh. I don't know why he's so obsessed with some nearly-free wood. And I don't know why he wants to go hanging tools all over the grounds. This place is like Disneyland for thieves.

Note to Thieves: You don't want to know the price of admission.


DPA said...

Note to Thieves: You don't want to know the price of admission.

Getting IN might be the easy part.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah. Hillmomba is like a roach motel. Thieves come in, but they don't come out.