Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm A Rock Star

I wasn't here last night. Did anybody miss me? It's the first day I didn't post in about...umm...three years. I stayed after school for my son's Hillmomba Idol Contest, and didn't get home until after 10:00. Frankly, whipping out something for you people was not high on my priority list at that time. But I'm back now. With a vengeance. I can't report on the Idol because the contestants would be too identifiable. But I need to bend Mabel's ear when I get back to school. Of course the most talented singers did not win. That's what happens when they let the audience vote, you know. Don't think I'm crying over the spilt milk of my son's performance. He didn't deserve to win, and it was questionable whether he even belonged in the top 3 out of 5 in his category. But I voted for him, because he's my boy. And I'm loyal like that. But on the others, I voted for the BEST, not for who I knew. HH voted for one act because they had a cute little moppet in a suit. I call foul. The thing to do to win is pick a patriotic song that everybody knows, have a cute child in your act, and hold your family reunion in the gym that night.

But let's get back to ME. I have been out thieving again. Redneck Diva has a nifty little thingy that I it's MINE now. She won't care. We have kind of a running swap meet going on. Here's the deal: you can create your own band name, album title, and album cover. I'm not so technologically advanced as she, and I don't have the fancy Photoshop capabilities, but here's what I came up with. My son tried to explain how to open it in Paint and write on it, but of course that did not pan out. He can not be bothered to help me step by step. Even though I feed and clothe him and bought him a new laptop with my lottery winnings, and act as his personal taxi, all without even a simple 'Thank You'. Just pretend that my band name and album title are actually ON the cover instead of above.

Here's the new release from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's band,

No Sorrow to Die

Look for it at The Devil's Playground next Tuesday, in the 'Music for EMOs' section.


Redneck Diva said...

I don't have PhotoShop on the laptop so I just used Paint. It was HARD! My 11 year old scoffed at me when I made that declaration - she said even the first graders at school use Paint. Well, whoop de doo.

I totally loved that meme! Which is pronounced like "theme" not like "wee-wee" which I think is weird.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ya, ya, the first graders can use PhotShop. But can they wipe their own butts?

Who made you the Pronunciation Police all of a sudden? Or did you run unopposed in the last Hillmomba general election? I agree with you. We shall spread blog literacy one blog at a time. Kind of like Dolly Parton giving a book to each child in Tennessee.

Redneck Diva said...

'Twas not I who declared it a meem and not a me-me. I read it somewhere. On a blog. Which, last I heard, was still pronounced blawg.

Word Verification: waxyams - what you find in a bowl on the table, but only if you're into root vegetables rather than tree fruit.