Thursday, May 17, 2007


What's this?

I went to create a new blog...and that doggone New Blogger picked a template for me. That ain't right. What is this, like the car that drives itself? Are people too dumb now to even make a choice on what a blog looks like? OK, my last one wasn't all that purty. But I was in a hurry when I did it. And 298 posts later, I still had not changed the template. I'll see what I can do here in a few minutes.

Now I must create a sidebar. Excuse me.


Sidebar is DONE, man! That took a bit of copying and pasting. I hope I don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome. That stuff is painful. I had it once, back when I worked in a junk store for a year and wrote prices on things all day with a Sharpie. At night, I would wake up with my forearms and wrists aching so bad that I had to plunge them into a bowl of ice water. Which hurt like a pimple up inside the nose, only in my arms, but was a better pain than the lukewarm aching that awakened me. I didn't see a doctor about it. I was working in a junk store, by cracky! What makes you think I could afford medical care? I was also finishing my Master's Degree that year. Which was not nearly so much fun as working in a junk store. After I quit the junk store and got a real job, the aching went away. Do you think I will get any people searching for 'junk store' in my stats?

Now, I'm off to change the color from this antiseptic white, which gives me flashbacks to the time I WOKE UP DURING SURGERY.


There. Have I told you I like GREEN? Is this a bit much? It's kind of bright in my dark lair. I don't know how it would look in office light, because I don't blog at work. That kind of thing is frowned upon. And besides, I don't have time, because HELLO! I am working when I am at work. Duh.

I'll try this for a couple of days. If I have a lot of complaints, I'll tone it down. Or not. I can't make all of the people happy all of the time. Actually, I don't try to make people happy. It's not in my nature. I try to keep from pissing them off so much that they want to do me bodily harm. That's about as warm and fuzzy as Mrs. Hillbilly Mom gets.

Whew! Now I'm exhausted. I think it might be due to blood loss. You'll have to come back for that story tomorrow. And for those of you who received that little Mother's Day e-card from Hallmark (Mabel), I'd like to warn you: "WE'VE GOT A BLEEDER!!!


Mean Teacher said...

Whatever you do, don't DELETE the original one thinking you're going to start over. A brand new blog would have to be under the new blogger, which doesn't allow you to edit the template the same way. It's impossible to deal with. Even though you have to log in under new blogger, your old blog is still on the old blogger template or whatever. When I moved mine and changed it up, I just changed the url where it would be published, and replaced the template. That's why I still have to sign in under my "old" username. I just changed the "display" name.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You're preachin' to the choir. Or preachin' to the 'chore', as my DoNots taught me several years ago.

I took a lesson from you when you first started fiddling with your 'unmentionable' drawer back in the day of Old Blogger, and switched the name on the old one so I could use the same name on the new one. If you follow that, I'm going to count you as a student and give you the MAP test.

I just used my old blog to copy and paste all my linkies. I'm so bright, my mom calls me 'son'. Not really. That would be kind of creepy.

You snuck in this comment while I was fiddling about, before I even got my comment moderation back on. I really like that gadget. That way I know when I get a comment, and on what post, without scrolling through.

Mean Teacher said...

I like the color. It reminds me of a dinner mint.

Betty said...

Nice color. I kinda/sorta like the new Blogger. A lot of things are easier with it, and now, your new posts are automatically saved as drafts, so when it thunders, and all the electricity goes off, you haven't lost everything. It's a good thing.

Stewed Hamm said...

I find it ironic that you've gone from antiseptic white to surgical scrub green. You need to add a few blood spatters in the background - it'll make it more like the hospitals us po-fokes go to.

MrsCoach2U said...

It looks fine under an office light.

DANG! Guess now you know what I do at work, instead of working! I thought it was a secret......

Just A Girl said...

I like this color....but then again I'm nuts about pink and green...

Hop your weekend is FANTASTIC...I shall be decorating cakes for 1 year olds and hawking cosmetic goodies.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You can have mints FOR DINNER? Man, have I been missing out!

I concur about the auto-save. My biggest gripe is that is takes OH SO LONG to log in.

EEEEE! I didn't think of the scrub angle. I did splatter a nurse taking a blood sample once. It truly shot out and left a spray of droplets on her arm and shoes. Tsk, tsk...of all the days not to be wearing gloves. I think she learned her lesson.

Your secret is safe with me.

You're so...GIRLIE! I don't do 1-year-olds and cosmetics. I have a low tolerance for those sorts of things. You are much braver than I.
I'm nuts, too. Not for pink and green. Just nuts.

Redneck. Diva. said...

I wondered why my stomach was growling while I perused the new blogginess around here. It's because I'm dreaming of having mints for dinner! chops with mint jelly, mint salad with mint dressing and a ming julep to drink....

I don't know what you and Meanie are talking about with all this changing names and stuff. I've had the same blog name and login since I moved from Tripod to Blogger a katrillion years ago. Does one NEED to move things around? Do tell!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Methinks you musta done drunk that julep.

Meanie is in the Blogger Protection Program. I just change mine because after around 300 posts, it gets really hard to find individual posts if you go back looking for them. For me, anyway. I must not have the code the cool kids use to reference their stuff.

I doubt that you would need to move anything. You have yours all coded into categories, by cracky. I started that, and it lasted about 3 posts, because I am one lazy motherhillbilly.